Course Hero vs Chegg

Exploring study guides online, especially when comparing Chegg vs Course Hero, can feel like an endless quest. Lost in browser tabs, while seeking homework help? Rest assured, you’re not alone in this pursuit.

Like you, I have sifted through a mountain of academic resources, yearning for tools to ease out my educational path.

I understand – what you need are tools that truly walk their talk when it comes to results. That’s exactly why I took a deep dive into two behemoths of online learning: Course Hero and Chegg.

They both boast impressive arrays of textbook solutions, extensive tutoring services, and robust exam prep materials—each with their distinctive appeal aimed at catapulting your academic success to new heights.

Yet amidst this dizzying array of choices, my research highlighted Chegg’s broad array of comprehensive services as its standout feature.

As we journey together through this article, expect to gain crisp insights aiding in your decision-making process about which tool suits your scholarly pursuits best. From scrutinizing pricing options to evaluating varied resources—and everything in between—we’ve laid them side by side! Continue reading as we deftly navigate the upsides and downsides so that conquering those classes feels less like an uphill battle!

Are you ready? Let’s dive into our exploration!

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Chegg offers extensive textbook solutions, personalized tutoring, and step-by-step homework guidance. As an ed-tech trailblazer, it provides comprehensive support services, making it a valuable tool for students' academic success.

  • Extensive Support: Offers detailed textbook solutions and one-on-one expert Q&A sessions.
  • Homework Guidance: Provides step-by-step assistance through subscription services.
  • Tailored Tutoring: Delivers personalized tutoring experiences.
  • Market Pioneer: Recognized as a trailblazer in the ed-tech landscape.

  • Focused Services: Primarily known for textbook solutions and Q&A, may lack the diverse content of Course Hero.
  • Cost: Subscription fees may be relatively higher for some users.
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Course Hero

Course Hero is a digital library with course-specific notes, study groups, and practice problems. It fosters global collaboration with user-generated resources, providing a versatile platform that also highlights scholarship opportunities, distinguishing it in the educational landscape.

  • Diverse Resources: Acts as a digital library with notes, study groups, and practice problems.
  • User Collaboration: Facilitates global collaboration through user-generated resources.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Provides insights into scholarship opportunities, distinguishing it from peers.
  • Practice Problems: Offers an array of practice problems for comprehensive learning.

  • Content Quality: As user-generated, content quality may vary.
  • Subscription Cost: Similar to Chegg, it may have subscription costs that some users find relatively high.
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Key Takeaways

  • Chegg provides a variety of services including 24/7 online tutoring, textbook solutions, and writing help with subscriptions starting at $14.95/month.
  • Course Hero provides course-specific study materials, practice problems for a $9.95 monthly subscription, and tutor questions and scholarship information.
  • Both platforms offer exam preparation tools, but while Chegg focuses on textbook solutions and one-on-one tutoring, Course Hero emphasizes shared student resources for self-paced learning.
  • When choosing between the two, consider your specific needs like comprehensive tutoring or getting access to various study documents.
  • Look into user reviews and feedback to see which platform aligns best with your academic goals before making a decision.

Chegg vs Course Hero: Overview

Shifting our focus, let's explore Chegg and Course Hero, giants in online learning. Chegg excels with extensive textbook solutions and personalized tutoring subscriptions. Intuitively aiding late-night studies, it offers step-by-step homework guidance.

On the other hand, Course Hero resembles a digital library filled with course-specific notes either uploaded by students or tutors, study groups, and practice problems. Accessing user-generated resources fosters collaboration globally. Unlike Chegg, Course Hero extends its support to scholarship opportunities, setting it apart as a versatile educational tool.

In summary, both platforms—Chegg and Course Hero—stand ready to navigate academic challenges, each offering unique strengths to ensure learners not only survive but thrive in their educational journeys.

Prices and Features Comparison

When comparing the pricing and features of Chegg with Course Hero, it's important to consider the different plans and services offered by each tool. Let's dive deeper into what each has to offer.

Chegg Pricing & Plans

Chegg provides a variety of pricing and plans for its services. The subscription includes access to study materials, textbook solutions, expert Q&A, and the option for online tutoring.

Chegg Study Pack

Chegg Study starts at $14.95/month, which gives access to step-by-step solutions for problems in over 9,000 textbooks. For additional help with homework, there is also a Chegg Study Pack ($19.95/month) that includes Chegg Study as well as Math Solver and EasyBib Plus.

The more comprehensive Chegg Writing at $9.95/month offers an advanced grammar checker and plagiarism detector. Chegg Math Solver, also $9.95/month, provides step-by-step math solutions.

Course Hero Pricing & Plans

Now, let's talk about Course Hero Pricing and Plans.

Course Hero offers a Basic (free) Membership, which allows free members to seek help from online tutors at an a la carte price.

It offers a Premier membership at around $9.95/month for the Annual plan that includes access to more than 20 million study resources, and documents, the option to ask up to 40 tutor questions per month and the ability to download 30 documents from the site.

Chegg vs Course Hero

There is also an annual plan for approximately $11.95/month with access to other tools like QuillBot and Symbolab.

Services and Resources Offered

Course Hero and Chegg both offer a wide range of services and resources for students, including learning materials, tutoring resources, and exam preparation tools. The availability of these resources can greatly impact the overall learning experience for students.

Study Materials

Course Hero and Chegg supply study materials but have different offerings.

Chegg offers textbook solutions and a writing resource, while Course Hero supplies course-specific study resources with practice answers and information on available scholarships.

Chegg also empowers users to search through an extensive pool of over 500 million flashcards. Whether you need a specific deck or are eager to craft your own, Chegg offers a versatile platform to cater to your study needs. 

Course Hero Flashcards seamlessly integrate into a comprehensive learning platform, offering collaborative features for shared creation. It differentiates itself with verified content, ensuring the accuracy of flashcard decks created by the community. This positions Course Hero as a valuable resource for both interactive and dependable study experiences.

Users often compare these platforms based on their individual needs and experiences, as both are popular academic resources.

Tutoring Resources

Course Hero and Chegg offer tutoring resources to assist students with their academic needs.

Chegg provides 24/7 online tutoring across various subjects, including math, science, engineering, business, and more. It also offers expert Q&A where students can ask specific questions and receive answers from experts within a short time frame.

Whereas, Course Hero provides tutor assistance through its "Ask a Tutor" service which allows students to get help with their homework or specific questions related to course materials.

Additionally, Course Hero gives study documents shared by other students who have taken similar courses. This gives users access to different perspectives and approaches when seeking help with challenging topics.

When comparing these services based on user feedback and reviews, individuals need to consider their specific learning needs and preferences.

Exam Preparation

Moving from tutoring resources to exam preparation, both Chegg and Course Hero offer tools for students to prepare for their exams.

Course Hero supplies practice problems and answers that help in self-paced learning, whereas Chegg focuses on providing textbook solutions, study materials, and writing resources. This can be beneficial for students looking to review course material or seek additional practice questions before their exams.

The comparison between the two tools regarding exam preparation shows that they cater slightly different services but ultimately aim to support students in achieving academic success.

Conclusion: Course Hero vs Chegg

After comparing Chegg vs Course Hero, my recommendation for students seeking academic support and resources is to consider their individual needs. If you require comprehensive services including textbook solutions, tutoring, and writing resources, then use Chegg to better fit your needs.

However, if you are looking for a self-paced learning tool with practice answers and information on available scholarships, Course Hero may be more suitable. It's essential to weigh the features offered by both platforms against your specific requirements before making a decision.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that user preferences vary based on individual experiences with both platforms. Therefore, exploring reviews and feedback on forums like Reddit can provide valuable insights into which platform aligns best with your academic goals.

Ultimately, the choice between Chegg and Course Hero depends on what each student values most in an online study tool.


1. What is Chegg and how can it help students?

Chegg is an online study tool where you can get homework help, find a tutor, and look at course content to learn at your own speed.

2. What does Course Hero offer for learning?

Course Hero is an education platform with lots of study resources for specific courses that help students with self-paced learning.

3. Are Chegg and Course Hero the same kind of service?

No, they are different tutoring platforms. Chegg offers one-on-one help while Course Hero gives lots of educational resources to study on your own.

4. Can I find help for my homework on both Chegg and Course Hero?

Yes! Both platforms have tools and academic assistance to help you do your homework better.

5. How do I choose between Chegg and Course Hero for my studies?

Think about what you need: if you want more personal teaching, try Chegg; but if you want many types of resources like notes or tests, check out Course Hero.

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