QuillBot vs Grammarly

Considering the choice between QuillBot vs Grammarly and unsure which one is better for refining your writing? Whether you’re working on a school essay, crafting a blog post, or preparing an official report, everyone aims for writing that is both error-free and clear.

It can be tough deciding which tool will best help you create top-notch work that impresses teachers, readers, or even bosses.

Here’s something to consider: while QuillBot shines as a paraphrasing tool, Grammarly’s got a reputation for being the sharper eye when it comes down to grammar details. In this article we’re going deep into QuillBot versus Grammarly—comparing features like usability and plagiarism checking—to guide you in making an informed decision about which one suits your needs perfectly.

We’ve done the research; now it’s time to turn those confusing choices into confident decisions. Ready to dive in? Let’s find out which tool takes your writing from good to great!

Key Takeaways

  • QuillBot is great for changing sentences to sound different and it’s good for schoolwork. It checks grammar too but isn’t as fancy as Grammarly.
  • Grammarly helps with lots of writing stuff like finding mistakes in grammar and checking if you copied someone else’s work. People really like it because it does a lot to make your writing better.
  • Both QuillBot and Grammarly let you try some things for free, but they also have plans where you pay money to get more features. Grammarly has more tools that help with writing style, and QuillBot is cheaper.
  • If you need the best grammar check or lots of different writing tools, use Grammarly. But if you just want to change how your sentences sound, QuillBot could be enough.
  • There are other choices out there too, like ProWritingAid which gives tips on style or ChatGPT which can chat with you to come up with ideas or fix how something is written.

QuillBot vs Grammarly: Overview

QuillBot and Grammarly are both writing assistants used by students, freelance writers, and content publishers. While QuillBot focuses on paraphrasing and grammar checking, Grammarly offers a more comprehensive suite of features including AI-powered grammar detection and plagiarism checking.

What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is a handy tool that helps you change words in sentences to make your writing sound different. It’s great for when you need to write something in a new way, like for schoolwork or essays.

Many students and writers use it because it can take what they’ve written and give them new ways to say the same thing without changing the meaning. QuillBot also checks grammar, making sure your writing is clear and correct.

This tool stands out as an affordable help for making your writing better. Even though it’s not as fancy as some other tools, QuillBot does a good job with academic papers and helps you avoid mistakes better than Google Docs or MS Word could.

To learn more about utilizing QuillBot, whether through its online browser version or by accessing Word and Chrome extensions, explore the article What is QuillBot? How to Use It?

Now let’s see how it compares to another popular choice: Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

Moving on from QuillBot, let’s now delve into what Grammarly is. Grammarly is a widely-used online writing tool that helps users improve their writing accuracy and effectiveness. It serves as a grammar checker, proofreading software, and language tool all in one, making it an essential companion for anyone looking to enhance their written work.

With features like AI-powered grammar detection and plagiarism checker, Grammarly provides invaluable assistance to students, professionals, and writers seeking to produce top-notch academic works and error-free content.

Grammarly goes beyond being just a simple word processor or text editor by offering comprehensive support for various writing tasks such as paraphrasing sentences and checking for grammatical errors.

Comparison of Features

When it comes to refining writing, QuillBot vs Grammarly each provide a variety of features, encompassing grammar checking, paraphrasing, and plagiarism checking. Both platforms are dedicated to enhancing the quality of written content through their diverse functionalities.

Each tool has its unique strengths and weaknesses that cater to different writing needs.

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QuillBot vs Grammarly
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Grammarly is a popular AI-powered grammar checker that can help you strengthen your prose and correct your grammatical errors. It is designed to help users write error-free, concise, and engaging content.

  • Advanced grammar checking and correction features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers tone and style suggestions for the content
  • More accurate and appropriate tone suggestions compared to QuillBot

  • Less powerful paraphrasing tool compared to QuillBot
  • Paid version can be expensive for some users
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runner up
QuillBot Logo
Rating: 0/5


QuillBot is an AI-powered writing tool that offers a range of features to assist users in improving their writing skills. It is known for its paraphrasing and rephrasing capabilities.

  • Powerful paraphrasing and rephrasing capabilities
  • Offers various writing "modes" to determine the tone of the content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Helpful for SEO optimization

  • Requires content to be copied and pasted into the app for paraphrasing
  • Limited grammar checking capabilities compared to Grammarly
  • The paraphrasing tool may be its primary strength, and other features may not be as robust as Grammarly's
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QuillBot's interface is easy to use, making it effortless for writers to access its tools and features. It offers a simple and straightforward platform that provides quick assistance with writing tasks.

On the other hand, Grammarly also offers an intuitive platform that is easy to navigate, allowing users to check their grammar and improve their writing with ease. Both QuillBot and Grammarly aim to enhance the usability of their platforms by providing clear instructions and seamless functionalities.

QuillBot also offers a minimalist design which may appeal to users who prefer simplicity in their writing tools, only drawback is you have to copy and paste your content in the app. Conversely, Grammarly's interface is sleek and modern, catering to those who appreciate a more polished look.

Grammar Checker

Grammar checking is a crucial feature when choosing between QuillBot and Grammarly. Grammarly offers the best AI-powered grammar detection, which outperforms Quillbot's grammar correction.

Grammar Checker QuillBot

While both tools provide valuable grammar and writing assistance, Grammarly stands out for its advanced grammar-checking capabilities. Additionally, users searching for comparisons between these tools seek to determine which provides better support for improving their writing through accurate and reliable grammar checking.

Grammar Checker Grammarly

Both QuillBot and Grammarly are popular choices for writers and students seeking assistance with paraphrasing, grammar checking, and plagiarism detection. However, when it comes to comprehensive grammar checking, Grammarly’s strong AI-powered capabilities make it the preferred choice over Quillbot.


QuillBot and Grammarly both offer paraphrasing features to help users rephrase sentences, but QuillBot is specifically known for its sentence rephraser tool. While Grammarly's paraphrasing tool is competent, it may not match the level of finesse that QuillBot offers.

What is QuillBot

However, when it comes to overall writing support and advanced grammar checking, Grammarly stands out as the more comprehensive option. For students seeking affordable plagiarism detection, Grammarly's plagiarism checker is a practical choice compared to Quillbot.

Quillbot provides valuable assistance in academic works and essays due to its strong paraphrasing capabilities. However, for freelance writers or content publishers requiring a more robust set of writing tools beyond just paraphrasing, Grammarly might be the preferred choice.

Plagiarism Checking

Both QuillBot and Grammarly offer plagiarism checking, but Grammarly's tool tends to be more cost-effective for students. Additionally, Quillbot is known to be better suited for academic works and essays than other types of writing.

It's important to weigh the specific needs of your writing projects when deciding which tool will best suit your needs. Both plagiarism checkers provide value for writers and students trying to maintain academic integrity.

Moving on to "Other Features," let's explore what additional tools each platform offers beyond just basic grammar correction.

Other Features

After considering plagiarism checking, it's worth noting that both QuillBot and Grammarly offer various other features that cater to different writing needs. While Quillbot has a strong focus on paraphrasing, its grammar-checking tool is commendable but not as advanced as Grammarly's AI-powered detection.

On the other hand, Grammarly stands out with robust overall writing assistance tools which makes it more suitable for a wide range of writing tasks like proofreading, tone adjustment, style adjustments and much more.

Additionally, while Quillbot offers valuable grammar and writing assistance particularly for academic works and essays, Grammarly serves freelance writers and content publishers better with its more comprehensive suite of features.

Pricing and Plans

Both QuillBot and Grammarly offer free and premium plans with different features. It's important to compare the pricing and plan options to determine which writing aid tool is more suitable for your needs.

Free vs Premium

Grammarly Pricing Plans
QuillBot vs Grammarly

Grammarly and QuillBot offer both free and premium plans. QuillBot's free version includes basic paraphrasing, grammar checking tools, and limited access to other features. In contrast, Grammarly's free plan provides a comprehensive grammar checker but restricts advanced writing suggestions.

QuillBot Pricing Plans
QuillBot Pricing

However, when it comes to the premium versions of both tools, Grammarly Premium offers more advanced features such as style improvements, tone adjustments, and detailed writing insights compared to QuillBot.

Additionally, Grammarly's premium pricing is slightly higher than QuillBot Premium but offers value through its extensive plagiarism checking tool and better overall usability.

Other Alternatives

When considering other alternatives to QuillBot and Grammarly, it's important to explore additional writing tools like ProWritingAid and ChatGPT. These alternatives offer unique features that cater to different writing needs.

ProWritingAid provides in-depth reports for improving writing style, while ChatGPT offers a conversational AI approach for generating content ideas and refining language expression.

Exploring these options can provide writers with a diverse range of writing assistance beyond the functionalities offered by QuillBot and Grammarly, allowing them to choose the tool best suited to their specific requirements.

Can QuillBot and Grammarly be used together?

When using QuillBot and Grammarly together, you can first use QuillBot to rephrase and rewrite your sentences, then run the revised text through Grammarly to catch any remaining errors and make further improvements.

Step 1
QuillBot vs Grammarly
Step 2
QuillBot vs Grammarly2

This combination of tools can result in stronger, more polished writing that effectively conveys your ideas and arguments. Whether you are writing an essay, article, or email, utilizing QuillBot and Grammarly in tandem can help you produce high-quality, professional writing.

Final Verdict and Conclusion: QuillBot vs Grammarly

In this comparison between Grammarly vs QuillBot, both QuillBot and Grammarly offer valuable writing assistance for different purposes. The comparison of features, pricing, and plans can help users make an informed choice based on their specific needs.

By understanding the strengths of each tool, writers and students can efficiently select the one that best suits their requirements. Have you decided which tool aligns with your priorities? Remember to explore other writing assistance tools if neither QuillBot nor Grammarly fully meets your needs.

Enhancing your writing skills is a continuous journey with many resources available to assist you.


What is QuillBot?
QuillBot is a tool that helps you rewrite and improve your writing.

What does Grammarly do?
Grammarly checks your writing for mistakes and gives suggestions to make it better.

How are QuillBot and Grammarly different?
QuillBot focuses on changing words to make sentences fresh, while Grammarly finds errors and offers corrections.

Can I use both QuillBot and Grammarly on my work?
Yes, you can use both tools to help with different parts of making your writing good.

Do professional writers use QuillBot?
QuillBot is used by a wide range of professionals, including writers, content creators, and journalists, to enhance their writing and save time.

Can QuillBot be used for grammar check?
Yes, QuillBot offers a grammar checker as part of its suite of writing assistance tools, allowing users to improve the grammatical accuracy of their writing.

Can QuillBot be detected?
QuillBot's paraphrasing and rewriting capabilities can be detected by plagiarism detection software if the original source is not properly cited.

Is QuillBot actually good?
QuillBot is a valuable tool for improving writing, particularly in terms of rephrasing and paraphrasing content to enhance clarity and originality.

Is using QuillBot considered cheating?
Using QuillBot's paraphrasing tool to present someone else's work as your own without proper citation is considered cheating and plagiarism.

Which app is better QuillBot or Grammarly?
Both QuillBot and Grammarly offer valuable writing tools, with QuillBot focusing on paraphrasing and Grammarly offering a comprehensive suite of writing and grammar checking features.

Is QuillBot good for proofreading?
QuillBot offers a grammar checker and other proofreading features to help users improve the accuracy and clarity of their writing.

Where can I check if my grammar is correct?
Grammarly and QuillBot are both valuable tools for checking and improving the grammar of your writing.

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